Best Existential Movies

Into The Wild Into The Wild 8.1 2h 28min
American Beauty American Beauty 8.3 2h 2min
Memento Memento 8.4 1h 53min
The Matrix The Matrix 8.7 2h 16min
The Shawshank Redemption The Shawshank Redemption 9.3 2h 22min
Fight Club Fight Club 8.8 2h 19min
Being John Malkovich Being John Malkovich 7.7 1h 53min
Being John Malkovich
IMDb: 7.7
1h 53min

Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody 7.7 2h 21min
The Truman Show The Truman Show 8.2 1h 43min
Blade Runner Blade Runner 8.1 1h 57min
Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream 8.3 1h 42min
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 8.3 1h 48min
Fargo Fargo 8.1 1h 38min
Donnie Darko Donnie Darko 8.0 1h 53min
Girl Interrupted Girl Interrupted 7.3 2h 7min
Girl Interrupted
IMDb: 7.3
2h 7min

The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski 8.1 1h 57min
Brazil Brazil 7.9 2h 12min
Dark City Dark City 7.6 1h 40min
Stranger Than Fiction Stranger Than Fiction 7.5 1h 53min
Stranger Than Fiction
IMDb: 7.5
1h 53min

Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting 8.3 2h 6min
Good Will Hunting
IMDb: 8.3
2h 6min

Waking Life Waking Life 7.7 1h 39min
Waking Life
IMDb: 7.7
1h 39min

The Meaning of Life The Meaning of Life 7.5 1h 47min
The Meaning of Life
IMDb: 7.5
1h 47min

Harold and Maude Harold and Maude 7.9 1h 31min
Harold and Maude
IMDb: 7.9
1h 31min

The Seventh Seal The Seventh Seal 8.1 1h 36min
The Seventh Seal
IMDb: 8.1
1h 36min

Citizen Kane Citizen Kane 8.3 1h 59min
A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange 8.3 2h 17min
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 8.7 2h 13min
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
IMDb: 8.7
2h 13min

Taxi Driver Taxi Driver 8.2 1h 54min
Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now 8.4 2h 27min
Vertigo Vertigo 8.3 2h 9min
Groundhog Day Groundhog Day 8.0 1h 41min
Groundhog Day
IMDb: 8
1h 41min

A narcissistic TV weatherman, along with his attractive-but-distant producer and mawkish cameraman, is sent to report on Groundhog Day in the small town of Punxsutawney, where he finds himself repeating…

The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club 7.8 1h 38min
The Breakfast Club
IMDb: 7.8
1h 38min

Five disparate high school students meet in Saturday detention, and discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.